can you explain your
offer in 8 words?

If not then you need our 8-in-8 programme. With attention spans at just 8 seconds, brands must inspire action quicker than ever.

Our 3 day programme ensures you can articulate your offer in 8 words, in 8 seconds and build an 8 point growth plan to deliver it.

It’s one of the best investments a brand team can make in this current climate where competition for attention and sales has never been tougher.

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Our 8-in-8 programme focuses on your:

  • purpose
  • vision
  • mission
  • values
  • understanding your audience
  • knowing where the value lies for them
  • forming a plan to deliver the above…

It’s vital for pitching to…

  • consumers
  • staff
  • suppliers
  • stakeholders
  • investors
  • influencers

By the end you’ll have:

  • a clearly articulated proposition
  • a compelling offer
  • an aligned + inspired team
  • a game plan to achieve your vision

Grab your 8-in-8 before it’s too late and start harnessing your team’s collective genius!

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Frequently asked questions…

> The purest essence of your brand’s vision.

> Focussed planning in uncertain times.

> 8 word summary of what you stand for.

> Team alignment around key imperatives.

> Clarity on your competitive advantage.

> Your proposition in 8 words.

Investing in your 8-in-8 before starting any marketing activity will deliver high returns…

Why? because it makes every subsequent activity significantly more efficient.

  • Teams have clear objectives
  • Briefs become crystal clear
  • Agencies won’t reinvent your comms
  • Sales people can cut to the chase

As we face growing uncertainty and confusion, having a clear sense of your vision, mission, growth plan and communicating that to your employees, customers and consumers is vitally important.

In a world where attention spans are just 8 seconds you have no time at all to grab attention and inspire action.

8-in-8’s require 3 days of client focus spread over two weeks.

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03
Test, learn and adapt

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