Andrea Berlowitz
Consultant strategist
Andrea has been a non-exec Director of big fish® and a long-term associate. She’s worked closely with us as a consultant specialising in qualitative research and strategy.

After reading Neuroscience and Psychology at Oxford, Andrea began her career in advertising at Publicis and JWT. In 1990 she moved into Qualitative Research, ultimately co-founding Leapfrog, a highly successful agency that grew to have offices in London, Windsor and New York, before being acquired by the Cello Group in 2006. On leaving Leapfrog in 2010, she founded The Tulip Partnership, with whom we have a close working relationship. Now based in Bath, she continues to work with long-standing clients such as Tesco, with whom she has a relationship going back over 20 years. Andrea has also developed an interest in helping smaller and start-up companies to flourish in challenging marketplaces.

She helps companies find a competitive advantage through insights based on a deep understanding of their target consumers. Her expertise is in a whole range of areas, from ‘value’ propositions to luxury goods. In addition, she knows how to motivate internal audiences and make sure that strategies are ‘lived’ throughout the business.