Emily Dehn
head of words

As our head of words, Emily’s partial to a pun, devoted to her dictionary and can spot a typo at ten paces.

Armed with an MA in English from the University of St Andrews, she joined big fish in 2016 after jumping ship from the world of finance and investment.

Wearing all kinds of hats, Emily gets involved in projects right from the beginning, working on brand strategy and positioning, through the creative and production stages and onto marketing. She names brands, businesses, products and ranges, puts words on packs and websites, and flexes her writerly muscles creating everything from pithy one-liners to sales decks and investor presentations.

With one eye on the commercial and the other on the creative, she leads our team of writers, making sure every brand lives up to what it says, bottling its personality and values, finding the right words for the right places, and bringing businesses to life.

When Emily isn’t working (and often when she is), she’s usually thinking about or making food, burying her nose in a book, or getting her hands and knees grubby in the garden.

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