Fiona Lewis
Account Manager

Delivering results for our clients whilst ensuring everyone’s having fun

Fiona is one of our amazing Account Managers who focuses on getting results for our clients.

Having graduated with a degree in Accounting and Financial Management, her varied career in customer success and financial control brings a fresh perspective to helping clients at big fish®. Prior to joining us, she was a Senior Customer Success Executive spending over two years perfecting customer engagement strategies. She also spent time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she delved into transfer pricing and business recovery services. She worked at GSK as a Financial Control Intern, gaining substantial experience in compliance and corporate tax services. All this has greatly enhanced her commercial awareness and ability to see the strategic imperatives in an instant.

Fiona’s ability to work under pressure and deliver exceptional customer service is second to none. She’s driven by a passion for representing the consumer and helping make the right choice the easy choice. She also actively participates in industry events and discussions, constantly seeking new ways to enhance brand engagement and growth strategies.

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