Helen Fairlie
client services director

Helen and her team ensure that we deliver on our promises and that we build strong partnerships with every client.

Since joining us in 2015, she has delivered a wide variety of challenging rebrand projects across numerous categories. Her superpower is being able to see the wood when nobody else can see the trees, and her team is testament to her ability as a leader. She holds us to our ridiculously high standards of work and pushes our force for good agenda.

She also works closely with the board on the big fish business, setting our strategy, ensuring we always think like a startup, practise what we preach and maintain standards which sometimes verge on the unreasonable!

Before joining big fish she worked in Paris, Shanghai and London, across businesses ranging from large corporates like Evian to privately owned challengers like the Isle of Wight Festival and charities like Solidarité Sida. Whether it’s for work or play, Helen loves pulling on a backpack and exploring new countries and cultures including Bolivia, Honduras, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nepal and South Korea.

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