Jess Strange
Account Director

Jess is one of our longest-serving Account Directors, joining us in 2017 fresh from a couple of years spent working for a boutique agency in East London.

If asked, she’d tell you that it’s the people and the stories behind the brands that she loves the most about her job. Over the years she’s worked closest with the likes of Giovanni Rana, Whole Earth and The Coconut Collaborative – so much so, that she would call them friends.

What Jess does so well is to think creatively but to never lose sight of not only what the client wants, but what’s important to the consumer. To her, each of those is no more (or less) important than the other.

As the appointed Head of Fun at Big Fish she’s the brains behind all the essential non-work stuff that makes up our culture: the lunch & learns, the whole company gatherings, the parties and all the bits in between…

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