Roo Cassels
Creative Catalyst

Roo joined us in 2016 after a brief stint in the wilderness of an ad agency client services team. Safe to say this was an experience that quickly helped him realise he wanted to be on the creative side of things – so a whistle-stop course in all things design at Shillington College set the ball rolling for him to see the light and he eventually wound up at big fish’s door.

Having arrived in the world of branding along a slightly different path – a farmer’s son with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic – he likes to think he approaches client problems from a slightly different angle: sometimes back to front but always with an open and inquisitive mind.

When he isn’t working you can find him in his studio playing with clay, painting signs or generally making a mess. He also enjoys the odd pun and devotes his Instagram account to the art of it…