Rowan Matthews
Operations Director

Keeping big fish® running more smoothly than an otter sliding down a riverbank

Rowan is sort-of Irish, though actually born and raised in South Africa, but has spent enough time in the UK to consider himself Anglophiled (except when it comes to rugby). Having started in the industry as a designer over twenty years ago, he was soon persuaded over to the dark side to become a specialist at print production, artwork, retouching and all things technical. From that he moved into the role of our Operations Director in charge of pretty much everything!

Before joining big fish, Rowan worked for some of the world’s best design and branding consultancies both in the UK and Singapore. He has worked across a range of categories including finance and banking, telecoms, food and beverage, entertainment and leisure. He can often be found scratching his head and solving problems quietly whilst everyone is running around like maniacs!

When he’s not doing this, he’s invariably policing quality control across the creative we produce. Rowan spends a lot of his spare time calculating N+1 (if you know… you know), he currently has 4 bicycles and 4 BBQs.

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