Ruth Brooker Kidd
Design Director

Nineteen years ago, as a fresh-faced graduate with a passion for idea-based design and a love of dogs, Ruth found her dream job at big fish. Today, not much has changed. She still loves ideas and is much happier when there is a four-legged friend around, which there usually is at big fish.

Neurodiverse, Ruth embraces the way this makes her brain work. Although she never underestimates the day-to-day challenges this brings, she believes it’s why she never stops with new ideas. More recently, she has enjoyed seeing the world in a new way, through the eyes of her two boys, who keep her on her toes even more than Perry and have changed the way she behaves as a consumer.

The diverse menu of work keeps Ruth at big fish – one day wearing her consumer hat and wondering why someone might pick a cheese off the supermarket shelf, the next designing an articulated lorry, then finishing the week food styling a bowl of peas. As a true creative, she loves to turn her hand to anything from naming to baking. Ruth enjoys nothing more than sitting in the room with founders, working with them to turn the seed of an idea into a reality on the other side of the world.

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