Sharon Miller
Director of Strategy

Sharon is new to big fish® but not new to the world of transforming and building brands.

For the past 28 years she has straddled a life living both in the UK and USA providing strategic business and brand insight to companies of all shapes and sizes,… a few of which you might be familiar with – Nike, Apple, Whole Foods Market, PRET and Bonne Maman…and a few you might not know yet – Organic Valley, Wondercide Naturals and Austin Football Club (USA).

Sharon has a love of evolution, an optimism for change, a glint in her eye when a particularly tricky, complex problem comes her way. Building brands in a cluttered, transparent marketplace where consumers have an 8 second attention span at best, requires some nimble, strategic, and creative fancy footwork.

At the root of all our projects is a keen curiosity…for the story, the business, the numbers, the opportunities, for making people feel something and changing behavior.

“I still find humans fascinating; their behaviour and attitudes are often contradictory. Our approach to uncovering deep insight involves getting close to real situations; sometimes participating, always observing.

My favourite question is WHY? – because it often leads to empathy and understanding, and that, inspires a more holistic response.”

Sharon loves cats and feels she has had 9 lives of her own; some previous chapters involve working for Jim Hensen and the Muppets on the film labyrinth (with David Bowie), Fraggle Rock and the launch of the Muppet Babies (if anyone remembers them). She also moved to Portland, Oregon to work with top advertising agency, Wieden & Kennedy, where she honed her love of storytelling, creative strategy and embracing chaos.

In her spare time, she designs everything for herself; furniture, clothes, gardens, recipes. She is also passionate about different cultures, equity, art, health, sustainability, neuroscience, and the natural world.