We’ve won a D&AD Award!
Our wonderful rebrand of Ivy’s Reserve has won a D&AD Wood Pencil. The D&AD awards are a global benchmark for creative excellence and one of the toughest to win so we are super proud.
by Perry Haydn Taylor

So, what was the challenge we helped them overcome and why did we win an award?

Family-owned business Wyke Farms is the largest independent cheese producer in the UK, and Ivy’s Reserve is the jewel in their crown when it comes to cheddar. It’s a secret recipe of Ivy Clothier (grandmother of managing director Rich Clothier) which has been handed down through generations. It’s not your everyday cheddar. We were asked to pull Ivy’s Reserve away from the rest of the range, to differentiate it, communicate its uniqueness and illustrate its complexity of flavour, quality and heritage.

We’ve been helping a lot of our clients reach US consumers over the last few years as the USA is a huge opportunity for quality, sustainable food, drink and lifestyle brands. This project was part of a brand strategy that we developed for them to help Wyke break into the US market.

The positioning and design of the Ivy’s Reserve brand targets discerning upper mainstream consumers who know a thing or two about cheddar. So far it’s gained traction in the key markets and claims to be the first carbon neutral cheddar in the world.

Congratulations to Wyke Farms and our big fish® team. This is a major achievement.