The art of “vertising” rather than “ad-vertising”
The most effective form of marketing is the creation of stuff that people can’t help sharing. At big fish® we call this “vertising” rather than “advertising”. That should ALWAYS start with your product.
by Perry Haydn Taylor

Why? because your best advert is your product. The thing people actually use, eat, drive, give or whatever it is they do with your product is the most important ad you have. If it’s good, it will sell and people will advocate and evangelise it.

That’s why we approach product design through the lens of “product-vertising”. It’s also why we coined the phrase “pack-vertising.” Because once you’ve got your product right you need to make the packaging remarkable too. The potency of great packaging design reaches far deeper than most people realise. (When we rebranded Dorset Cereals we focussed on packvertising and it grew like a weed!)

And, if you’re creating a shop, design it to be a “shop-vert” like we did with Biscuiteers. Remember! Every little thing your brand does is an advert. As the legendary Rory Sutherland says… “Great advertising is about sweating the small stuff.” He’s spot on.

Paid advertising should be the very last thing on a marketeer’s to-do-list. It’s the bluntest, most expensive instrument in the toolbox. (Yes, it can still be powerful but it’s usually the thing that requires the biggest capital outlay).

And that’s why we love things like this water bottle label that we found when staying in THE PIG Hotel near bath. (Free advert for them).

It’s says “the water is free, the bottle is not! If I do disappear in a suitcase I will appear on your bill for £10”

We didn’t pinch the bottle but we did nick the label! 😂