Can you pitch your offer in 8 seconds?

With average attention spans at just eight seconds, brands must inspire action in the blink of an eye… if it’s taking your teams more than 8 words and 8 seconds to communicate your offer in a way that inspires action then you’re losing share to those who can

Why do you need an 8-in-8 pitch?

Here’s the mathematical formula…

  • Average human attention span = 8 seconds
  • Average people read about 2 words per second
  • Which means they can read 16 words in 8 seconds

However, humans need…

  • 1 second to notice you
  • 1 second to stop doing what they’re doing
  • 4 seconds to read your proposition
  • 1 second to think “yes or no?”
  • 1 second to start an action

which means you have just 8 not 16 words to get your proposition across…
That’s why you need our agile 3 day programme designed to help you and your team understand, explore and define your ….

  • purpose
  • vision
  • mission
  • values
  • audience
  • and how to develop a plan to deliver the above with your new 8-in-8 proposition