who the hell are big fish® and why do they bang on about being climate considerate?

big fish® is a climate considerate brand consultancy that strives to be a force for good and encourages others to do the same.

Every business on the planet has contributed to the climate problem. Our goal is to not only repair that damage but to help “fix the future”.

We believe it’s possible to liberate the world from the shadow of climate change

And, with that in mind, we’ve made it our company mission to bring together big thinkers with a deep understanding of climate considerate brand, design and marketing. Why? because that extraordinary network of experts can help brave leaders start, transform and grow brands that will make a  tangible net positive impact on the world

Our view is that every business on the planet should strive to be a force for good because it makes excellent commercial sense. We believe investors, policy makers and innovators have the power to draw down carbon and mitigate the effects of climate change. However, this can only happen if consumers adopt new ways of living their lives and change their behaviours at scale. Our capabilities in brand, design and marketing can lend a hand in encouraging consumers to make those vital shifts in their daily habits.

Consumers are rightly questioning everything, from where their food comes from to how it’s transported, packaged and disposed of. That’s why we encourage all our clients to adopt a climate considerate approach to everything they do.

Over the last decade we have immersed ourselves deeply in this vast topic in order to better understand the key issues and potential solutions to climate change. We are firm supporters of regenerative and organic agriculture, biodiverse food systems and supply chains that protect the planet and support a healthy, sustainable global population.

We were inspired by thought leading initiatives such as Paul Hawkin’s Project Drawdown, Tim Spectre’s views on the microbiome, David Montgomery’s theories on soil and civilisation, William McDonough’s essays on waste and many more inspirational thought leaders. These thought leaders prompted us to connect with experts all around the world and partner with them as associates in order to help our clients. Our network continues to grow daily.

We’ve identified five areas where our clients can focus on being climate considerate:

1/ Soil & Oceans
95% of all life on Earth is sustained by just the top six inches of soil. Oceans produce between 50%-70% of our oxygen. Regenerating the world’s topsoils and restoring the health of the oceans is a number one priority for the long-term future of the planet. The food we eat today will change the future.

2/ Supply Chain
How our food is grown, where it comes from, the conditions under which it’s produced, the human cost and how it’s transported are all integral to the future of the global population’s health and well being. That’s why we strive to question, provoke and encourage all our clients to attain the highest possible standards.

3/ Biodiversity
Biodiversity is key to protecting and nurturing a healthy ecosystem. 90% of the world’s food is made from just fifteen crops. The over proliferation of monoculture is reducing immunity and stability of our food chain systems as well as our health. New and more diverse sources of food will end climate inconsiderate diets. That’s why we choose to work with companies that strive to diversify their ingredients and are big enough to make a difference and willing to change.

4/ Conservation vs Preservation
The two are fundamentally different. We need to conserve and preserve more of the world’s natural resources. At big fish® we constantly remind our clients of the potential unintended consequences of their proposed actions and to look deep into their supply chains and evaluate the impact their sourcing will have on the short and long-term future of the planet.

5/ Appeal
Last but not least, if new, healthy, sustainable solutions don’t look good, taste good or feel good then people won’t consume them. To create large scale change we must drive overwhelming appeal. That’s why we ensure that everything we do is designed to reach consumers’s hearts as well as their minds.

If you or your team are interested in finding out more about how to become more climate considerate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.