the world we'd like to see in 2046

our vision, mission + values

Our vision statement describes where we want the world to be as a result of the services we provide. Our mission statement explains how we intend to make that happen. Our core values govern every decision we make. Together, they define our role, our target audience and our areas of focus for the next 25 years.

Our vision

We’re dedicating our next 25 years to being an impact-focussed brand, design and marketing consultancy. We want to help our clients start, transform and grow businesses that have a net positive impact on the planet as well as their bottom lines.

We promise to relentlessly pursue better on behalf of the planet and the consumer. We will always speak truth to power. That’s why we choose to only work with businesses that share our values and beliefs.

We seek to work with those who wish to embrace the new. Those who understand that nothing changes if nobody changes. Those who are willing to embrace and adopt a startup mentality and transform their cultures, products and services to make them fit for the future.


We’re committed to playing our part in helping liberate the world from the shadow of climate change.

In twenty five years time, we’d like to look back with pride, not regret. We want to leave the world in better state than we found it and help repair the damage done by the human race over the last 300 years. We want to be able to measure our net positive contribution and celebrate the reversal of global warming.


Our mission?
To bring together the world’s greatest strategists and creatives to help combat climate change by encouraging, educating and inspiring consumers, manufacturers, politicians, investors, innovators and brand owners to adopt a more climate considerate approach to doing business.

Our role is to harness the collective genius of our network of experts in order to help brave leaders start, transform and grow brands that will make a net positive impact on the world and, as a result, liberate it from the shadow of climate change.


We’ve set ourselves 3 major priorities…

1. To help brave leaders start, transform and grow highly disruptive, scalable, sustainable food, drink and lifestyle brands that will have a net positive impact on the world.

2. To relentlessly pursue better on behalf of the consumer and the planet by building and sharing our experience, understanding and capabilities required to build trust and loyalty with consumers who ultimately determine the future of the planet.

3. To put our money where our mouths are and share risk where appropriate by investing in businesses that support a biodiverse approach to food production, a sustainable approach to consumerism and that strive to be a force for good.


Our core values?
Integrity, creativity, bravery. agility, cuppa-tea


What next?

We seek to work with kindred spirits, creative minds, visionaries and entrepreneurs that share our values and ambitions. People who think big, dive deep and swim fast. If you’d like to read a lot more detail behind our thinking please click here for more information.

Otherwise, if you are either a prospective client, supplier, employee, associate or just someone keen to work with us then please do get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.