How's your 8-in-8 score?

Can you pitch your offer in 8 seconds?

With attention spans at just eight seconds, how can brands inspire action in the blink of an eye? Could you get your proposition down to just eight words and sell it in eight seconds?

It’s challenging but well worth the investment because it’s the ultimate secret weapon for ambitious brands.


First we need to explain the 8-in-8 maths…

  • The average human attention span is just 8 seconds
  • Most people read around 2 words per second
  • Which means you have 16 words to play with

which is not true because…

  • 1 second is required to notice your brand
  • 1 second to stop them doing what they’re doing
  • 4 seconds for them to read your proposition
  • 1 second to think yes or no
  • 1 second  to start an action
  • which means you only have 8 words not 16
  • and that’s our 8-in-8 theory!

So how can we help you achieve your 8-in-8?

If it was quick and easy everyone would be doing it! That’s why we bring our 28 years of experience to the party and spend time in reconnoissance helping brand owners and their teams articulate their offer succinctly and clearly.

The 8-in-8 workshop focuses on:

  • purpose
  • vision
  • mission
  • values
  • understanding your audience
  • knowing where the value lies for them
  • forming a plan to deliver the above…

Whether your pitching to…

  • consumers
  • staff
  • suppliers
  • stakeholders
  • investors
  • influencers

Your proposition needs to:

  • gain attention
  • inspire interest
  • create desire
  • prompt action

The secret isn’t the number of words you use. It’s understanding your brand’s true “raison d’etre.” And that’s best done collaboratively with your teams.

So, why not let us help you discover your purpose, define your proposition and get your team’s 8-in-8 score up to 100%?

It’s a one day workshop that will…

  • harness your team’s collective genius
  • align them on your vision
  • build a clear proposition
  • define a top-line plan to deliver it

Book a FREE chat with one of our team now!

Still not convinced?
Get your teams to try the 8-in-8 and see how they score.

And remember!
In the world of short attention spans…
the one word brand is king…

Hope to see you at an 8-in-8 before it’s too late

p.s. we also do workshops for:

  • product market fit
  • product benefits
  • marketing campaigns
  • investor narratives
  • and many more…