Account Manager
Minimum of 3 years’ experience

Full disclosure, we all know that most job ads are utter nonsense and not worth the pixels they’re written with. They all tell you the same old bull like…

“We’re an international brand, design and marketing consultancy that’s spent 30 years helping brave decision makers start, transform and grow highly successful consumer brands. We’re proud to be a BCorp and have won lots of awards”…and all that jazz.

And, yes, this job ad isn’t much different apart from, well, the fact that it’s actually TRUE!!

We genuinely are a nice bunch of people who are lucky enough to have some really, really good clients who not only make us look good, but are fun to work with and don’t chisel us on fees.

We’ve become quite spoiled over the years which is why we’re a bit picky about who we choose to work with. In fact, we’re so picky that we refuse to work with people who give us JFDI (just f’ing do it) briefs, people who ask us to creatively pitch and anyone who sells something dodgy. That’s why we choose to only work with clients whose products and services we’d use ourselves and who we respect, admire and who strive to use their business as a force for good.

Ok, so, what about our people?

Again, all job ads will tell you how fabulous their team is and how you need to be a highly capable, intelligent but down to earth human being who can help our clients identify and overcome their biggest challenges and then deliver tangible results quickly, creatively and cost-effectively. And yes, we know we’ve just written those exact words with the sole intention of making you believe that about us, but again, it’s TRUE!!

What we’re looking for

We’re after an Account Manager with really strong project management skills.

So, what’s this role and what would your job title be?

Before we begin, there are a couple of things we’d like to be open about.

We loathe hierarchy, big egos, job titles, the use of acronyms, corporate jargon and marketing bollocks. In fact, we’d go as far as to say, we actively shun anyone or anything that believes it’s ok to use the word “utilise” instead of “use” or “purchase” instead of “buy” etc, etc. When it comes to management theory, we consider ourselves the management equivalent of flat earthers! Yup! We’re all equal with a few people being more equal than others, but on the whole, everyone’s on the shop floor most days, sleeves rolled up, mucking in.

So, despite the job title of “Account Manager” you’d actually be one of a number of Client Results Specialists (that’s what we call the department). You’ll be on the shop floor with the rest of us accountable and responsible for delivering awesome work that will blow consumers’ minds and make every client we work with the envy of their category.

You’d be working alongside other talented mortals including our Strategists, Creative Directors, Creatives, Designers of all kinds and various multi-disciplined people. And yes, we know this is what every job ad says, but you will need superpowers to cope with the madness that is big fish. Our place is where process meets chaos and they make a baby called Creativity on a daily basis.

What we’re looking for

Now, enough about us, what about you?

We’re after people who can manage, muck in and contribute to the thinking as well as the doing. We want people who DO more than they talk. As an Account Manager at big fish®, you’ll be expected to lead projects, and guide your team effectively putting them at ease about the fact that we’ve run out of time, budget and chocolate and the client needs it now!! And, yes, you’ll need to convert shitty feedback into clear instructions, turn chaos into order and build relationships with clients that last a lifetime!!

You won’t be alone in your quest, don’t worry! You’ll be surrounded by other people like creatives, strategists, project managers, writers and commercial planners all of whom you’ll come to know intimately in your combined quest to meet our clients’ business objectives.

For the sake of clarity, this is a full-time on-site role located in Chelsea, London. That said, we do have people who occasionally work from home one or two days a week, but mostly we are all in our riverside studios enjoying each other’s company.

Now the sensible trouser bit of this job ad…

Must haves

  • At least 3 years’ experience in a busy studio environment
  • Client management experience is essential
  • Experience of consumer-facing brand strategy work
  • A working knowledge of packaging and print processes
  • Comfortable taking responsibility for quality control
  • Able to keep the work on brief, as well as on schedule
  • Comfortable leading meetings and selling in creative work


  • Developing strong relationships with our clients and ensuring we deliver our promises
  • Putting together proposals, estimates, specifications, schedules and briefs
  • Being involved in planning, research and creative brainstorming
  • Seeking out new business opportunities to help grow your accounts
  • Being the safe pair of hands for your team across a variety of projects: branding, strategy, digital, design, copywriting and commercial

    Why work at big fish?

    • We never creatively pitch and don’t believe in giving away work for free.
    • We have excellent opportunities for progression so everyone has the chance to grow.
    • We choose to only work with clients we respect, admire and whose products and services we’d consume ourselves.
    • We’re dedicated to helping impact the climate emergency in everything we do.
    • We’re working hard to develop the most effective approach to hybrid working – currently a split of home and our fabulous riverside office.
    • Your birthday off, a week off in the summer, time off between Christmas and New Year, a day off for volunteering (on top of your holiday allowance!) and a company-wide profit share and healthcare scheme.


    We offer flexi hours and virtual working*
    In addition to standard holiday we give everyone their birthday off and a day to work for their favourite charity, and we never ask people to work between Christmas and New Year. This year we are closing the whole company for a week in the summer so we can all go and have a relaxing time doing whatever we fancy. We’re going to try and ensure we do this every year going forward.


    Our vision, mission and values

    • Our vision is to become globally respected for the advice we give and the results we achieve
    • Our mission is to help start, transform and grow businesses that share our values and help positively impact the climate emergency.
    • We value integrity, intelligence, creativity, kindness, a thirst for knowledge, bravery, independence, diversity, mutuality, people who speak truth to power, those who strive for better, and most importantly, people’s right to a happy, healthy work life balance.

    Our mantra is…
    Think big, dive deep, swim fast

    * Please note that there are a few roles at big fish where we cannot offer virtual working such as PA and Office Manager roles where we need people in the office 5 days a week.

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