Minimum of 0 years’ experience

We offer a range of internship opportunities for those who meet our criteria, in the following fields:

  • Creative
    Unleash your artistic flair in diverse design and creative projects.
  • Strategy
    Hone strategic thinking with market analysis and problem-solving tasks.
  • Client Management
    Develop client relationship skills, focusing on communication and satisfaction.
  • Investment
    Learn about financial markets, asset management, and strategic investment planning.
  • Operations
    Get hands-on with business processes, project management, and logistical planning.

What we’re looking for

In addition to your resume, we require proof of your enthusiasm and skill in your chosen field. This includes work samples, thought processes, and any relevant experience.

For Creative roles, a portfolio is essential. Strategy applicants should provide evidence of problem-solving abilities and experience. For all other roles, a brief letter explaining why our company is the right fit for you and what you aim to gain from the internship is required.

If you’re unsure about which area you’d like to explore, please have a look at our careers advice page here

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Please note, internships are not guaranteed for all applicants. Candidates must pass a brief test to be considered. Internship durations vary from 1 to 4 weeks, subject to availability.

Must haves

  • Common sense
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • A willingness to learn, develop and get stuck in where needed
  • A can-do attitude

What you get out of it

  • A chance to learn from and work alongside a talented team of diverse designers
  • To grow your portfolio of work
  • To see your ideas develop in live briefs
  • Paid for your time! (London living wage)

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