what do we
do precisely?

Our range of services is designed to focus on our clients’ most critical commercial, brand, design and marketing challenges

big fish® provides results-driven, strategic brand, design and marketing advice which we then put into action. We help brave decision makers start, transform and grow consumer brands as forces for good. We surface and tackle our clients’ most important commercial challenges. We deliver unconstrained creativity at speed by adopting a startup mentality® in everything we do. Our processes are thorough, creative and agile. We seek to work with kindred spirits, visionaries and entrepreneurs who share our values.

Our mantra is think big, dive deep and swim fast.


Growing any business is a serious challenge, especially in today’s climate of uncertainty. Our startup mentality® programme is based on over quarter of a century’s experience in helping businesses start, transform and grow by entering or reforming categories with overwhelming force and speed.

Startup mentality® isn’t just for startups. It’s for every business no matter how large, small or mature. It’s the only way to remain innovative in an rapidly changing market place.

As a commercially focused consultancy, we place huge emphasis on ensuring we understand and define your commercial model before recommending any courses of action.



Our brand strategists are experts in consumer behaviour, marketing and communications.

Their job is to help our clients better understand consumers and to help them reach hearts and minds in ways that will change behaviours.  

Our five question framework and strategy development process has consistently delivered results over the last 27 years. 


Our team comprises creative directors, copywriters, designers, illustrators, photographers, film makers, developers and production experts who all have one thing in common. They’re world class!

These magnificently talented people turn the “thinking” into “doing”. They take our rapier commercial brand strategies and develop them into tangible consumer facing experiences that drive awareness, engagement and a deep sense of loyalty with your consumers.


Once we’ve mastered your commercial brand strategy and brand identity, we proceed to help you reach your consumers by activating your brand in the real world.

Our marketing planning and development process will help you prioritise your budgets, focus on the highest impact initiatives and maximise your return on investment.


We’re not a bank, but we do occasionally invest in some of our clients. We tend to look for SEIS and EIS businesses operating in the ESG sectors.