none of us
is as good
as all of us
Perry Haydn Taylor
founder & chief stoker
Victoria Haydn Taylor
director of ethics & sustainability
Bill Barlow
finance & commercial director
Felicity Stinton
chief operating officer
Izzy Jacobs
head of account management
Rob Miller
chief strategist
Victoria Sawdon
executive design director
Ruth Brooker
Design Director
Garrick Hamm
Creative Consultant
Rob Nielsen
Creative Director
Roo Cassels
Creative Director
Emily Dehn
head of words
Jim Medd
Consultant Copywriter
Patrick Pope
new opportunities
Freddie Crowther
head of development & ventures
Andrea Berlowitz
Consultant strategy director
Victoria Goodsman
PA & office manager
Helen Fairlie
client services director
Jess Strange
Account Director
Stephanie Murdoch
account director
Caitlin Stubbs
account director
Rachel Roden
Account Director
Emma White
Account Director
Rowan Matthews
head of production
Iain Cooper
Consultant Creative Director
Jake Exelby
promotional marketing director
Scott Cariss
head of web

big fish® associates

we’ve formed a close working relationship with a wide variety of world class experts that we're proud to work with as associates

George Tannenbaum
Associate Creative Director USA
Simon Gore
Associate Strategist
Rachel Lovell
Associate Agricultural Expert + Journalist
Will Awdry
associate creative director
Phil Cumming
Associate Sustainability Consultant
Chris Tchen
Associate Carbon Consultant