La Famiglia Rana
Giovanni Rana is an Italian institution: a family-owned business dating back over fifty years, making more fresh pasta than anyone else in Italy.

They asked us to recreate their UK brand to show British consumers what they were missing, and so La Famiglia Rana was born. We focused on the astounding quality of the food, the fanatical family that make it, and their proud Italian heritage to create a brand that looks as good as the pasta tastes.


"The big fish team is able to transform ideas into concrete dreams. Working with them is a great pleasure but also a great value for the brand"

Lorenzo Nettis,
Global Marketing Innovation Director

"They really enter deeply into projects and into the company in order to understand the essence of them and then they find an amazing way to deliver it."

Federico Chiavegatti,
Giovanni Rana


before big fish®
before big fish®
after big fish®
after big fish®